Saturday, April 4, 2009

Rocket Fuel in Baby Formula?

This news makes me so incredibly sad....
“Rocket Fuel Component Found in Baby Formula”
How is it that we have come to a place in this world where chemicals from rocket fuel make their way into baby formula? It's not as if this is the first time contaminants have made their way into artificial baby milk. There have been numerous recalls for things like salmonella, and bits of broken glass- things that would never make it through a womans breasts. Melamine in infant formula led not just to sickness, but to tragic deaths of babies in China last summer. Reading the ingredients on the label of a can of formula is enough to give me pause- corn syrup solids- for babies? Hello diabetes. Then the long list of unpronounceable synthetic things- somehow, it's just obvious to me that nature made a better way- the perfect way to feed babies. I breastfed my kids, and believe every baby was born to breastfeed- it's obviously the superior product, but the reality is that not every baby will be breastfed. There are a very few and rare medical reasons not to breastfeed, a whole lot of misconceptions about it, and just the choices that some folks make. But in the end, every baby deserves a clean, safe, nutritious food source, no matter what. What scares me even more than this chemical being found in formula, is that it has also been found in a lot of drinking water supplies (which everyone is drinking, and is often being used to mix the formula-giving those babies a double dose) and even in a few mother's milk. What have people done to this world?