Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wow, apparently I have managed to NOT write on my blog AT ALL in the last 3 weeks. Right after I set it up , a friend told me that blogging was addictive. I seem to be suffering more from distraction. When I've thought about my blog, I start towards it, but get sidetracked reading other people's blogs. My poor little blog is just sitting there being neglected wondering why I never spend any time on it. I am wondering when I will have the time to work on writing, and the answer is probably when I set aside the time and just do it.

But, my blog is not the only thing I'm neglecting. There's also that Etsy site. OK, I know I said I'd have it up and running in a week or so. I did do the set up, I got that far. I also collected a couple of cute things, and took some pictures. Then, I got sidetracked again, and onto other projects that distracted me from figuring out shipping, and listing and all those little details that you have to do before you can actually sell anything. When I do go onto Etsy, I start looking at other people's shops, and eat up all my free time wondering how I'm going to get my pictures to look that good, and how those models manage to keep those “I am so much more beautiful and cool than you could ever be” looks on their face. I mean, I don't think I can pull that off. But, at least I've been getting inspired. Not by the models- although they are amusing. I'm being inspired by all the fabulous things people create. There is a lot of talent, and a lot of wonderful ideas out there.

Now if I'd just get quit being such a sidetracker, I could manage to create some lovely things myself.