Monday, August 31, 2009

More Etsy inspiration

I am just loving the inspirational artwork of all kinds that I find on Etsy. Toys, photos, clothing, jewelery, you name it, someone is doing amazing things with it.

Like this artist and her fun, adorable dolls;

It is great to know the world still has so much creativity in it.

So far, my eclectic Etsy shop- MelaMarie is still tiny, but I am taking baby steps and having fun with it. It's been a family project- my kids have been scouting thrift stores and crafting with me, my husband has been commenting that if the kids and I could ust get an assembly line going and sell enough clay fruit, he could spend his days sailing. Well, a guy can dream anyway, but I hadn't exactly imagined supporting the family with this little venture anytime soon.

For me, finding and making stuff is the easiest part; actually getting it photographed and listed is more of a challenge, but like most things in life, the more I do it, the quicker and easier it gets. I considered setting a goal just now of having a certain number of items in my shop by the holidays, but that sounds like a good way to stress myself out. For now, I'll keep my goals to myself, and keep having fun with my shop.