Friday, June 17, 2011

Nomads Turned Homebodies

 It's the little things that I am most appreciative of on coming home after a long journey.
After spending 5 weeks on the road, living mostly in a tent, it is quite a luxury just to have a home and not to have to pack and move every few days. We have all been so happy to be home with our own bathroom that we don't have to share with the general public, and our real stove that's easy to light, and a refrigerator that doesn't rely on melting ice or leave us with soggy food. And my dear dishwasher....I do love her.

The kids are spending hours with their things, playing, building, reading, drawing, writing. I am pretty much doing the same- just enjoying home. Our animals apparently really missed us because they followed us around and would not let us leave their sight for days. It's good to be loved.

And it's good to be home. So good, that we have barely been wanting to leave. We've become uncharacteristically hermit like, turning down invitations, passing on commitments, avoiding errands, and pretty much staying home as much as we possibly can. We're even saying no to fun stuff like going to the lake and playing baseball, just because we really want to hang out here right now.

I know it's just a phase, but it's feeling great to just say no to things, and to just relax and enjoy summer. At some point, we will be back on the road exploring again. We still have 43 states to cover in the next few years, and there's a great big world beyond our borders waiting for us. Before I know it, we will be signing up for classes again too, and there will be rehearsals and practices and performances, and our schedule will be crazy, and we'll still be squeezing in traveling adventures in between it all. But for now, these nomads are really enjoying being homebodies.