Tuesday, December 22, 2009

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas....

Despite the hecticness, consumerism and overall frenzied insanity of the month of December, I love the Christmas season, and all the fun activities that come with it.

We started off the month taking the kids, dogs, hot tea and hot soup on a drive to find a little snow and a Christmas tree.

We hiked and searched and debated, until we finally found a tree we could all agree was "the one." I think it is actually the first Christmas tree in at least 6 years in our home that has not been a complete Charlie Brown affair.

I still have fond memories of the year we chose a manzanita Christmas bush rather than a tree though.

We've been busy in the kitchen....

making and baking goodies- like these chocolate bugs and coconut mice...

We've been plotting, and sneaking, and whispering. I love how excited the kids get about surprising loved ones with gifts. We've made lists, and lost them and gone shopping and forgot what we were in the crowded store for. We've been packing and wrapping and mailing. I've ordered a few things online, meant to order a few more, missed the shipping deadline, and cursed myself for blowing it. Of course, like everyone else, we've stood in plenty of lines, and seen a few Grinch like shoppers as well.

No matter how we try, I don't see how we can escape the rushing and crowds and other such things that have just become another part of Christmas in America. But, the part of the holidays that I treasure is the time spent making and sharing things. I'm so glad I have artistic kids who like to create as much as I do. We've been doing a lot of crafting, and I'm hoping to post about it, and other holiday traditions this week.

For now, I've got cards to address, and ornaments to paint with my kids. I think I'll change into yoga pants to be more comfortable while I have another cookie and some cocoa while I'm at it.