Saturday, February 28, 2009

life lessons

My kids had some hard life lessons this week. Everything seems to be working out in the end, but there were some emotional roller coasters, and disappointment along the way. As a mom, it's hard to witness your little one's go through legitimate disappointment, because there isn't a lot you can do about it. Sometimes other people flake and even if you are working hard, one person can spoil a group project if they don't follow through. After a whole lot of hurt and angry feelings, it was good to see that most folks can actually be counted on, and that some will go through a whole lot of extra work to make things happen. I was feeling a little nervous for a bit though, and like the world is in big trouble if I am one of the most responsible ones in it.

I should also note that I was going to try to give up being negative for Lent, but I am not having much success at this point. In fact, the first day, I was put to the test, and failed miserably. In my defense, it is hard to remain positive when your kids are getting hurt by other people's actions. It brings out the angry mama bear in me, and anyone who knows my temper knows that it can be a bit fiery to say the least.

On top of it all, I am getting sick- sore throat, no voice, headache, nausea etc. The blessing is that I have a cozy bed, and a laptop computer, as well as plenty of hot tea, a stack of good books, and even some Seinfeld reruns to watch later. Laughter really is very good medicine, and cute kids who provide room service ROCK!