Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Artsy Mamas

Some of my city friends and relatives have made light of my living in the country, and the surrounding hillbilly influence. I willingly live far from town, and the nearest town is a small one. I'll admit that I have wondered on occasion if this county really does have more tattoos than teeth, but nevertheless, there are a lot of things I enjoy about the area. I actually really like having chickens and goats, and so do a number of my friends. Many of us have gardens, homeschool our kids, and spend a lot of time playing in creeks. But, none of us drive big trucks with duck hunting stickers, so I don't think I'm turning into a redneck (although I know a few self proclaimed ones who are actually pretty nice people- we just don't talk politics much.)

Anyway, I still like art and culture, and that is the one part of the city I miss. Thank goodness the hills are also alive with very artistic people, and I am lucky to know a bunch of them.

My friend and co-worker made me this beautiful feathered ornament for the holidays.

It was gorgeous on the tree. I immediately knew that after Christmas, I wanted to transform it into a fabulous embellishment for my hair. I also knew my fashionista friend at Dark Pony Designs would love it. She is one of the only people I know who can pull off things like these Shazzam Lightning Earrings..

If she weren't already my friend, I would probably hate her just on the basis that her legs are twelve miles long and have zero percent fat, but she is actually a wonderful person whose company I enjoy.

Another friend who is amazing with her contagious creativity, is my friend at DishyPosh. She is making fabulous hats such as this one...

I almost want to renew my wedding vows just so I would have an occasion to wear this beauty.

The nice thing about knowing ladies like this is that they help inspire me quit whining about being busy and soul sucking requirements of life and instead to get busy with my own creative efforts. So, I made this simple fleece hat...

I'm working on a fancier turban style a la Elizabeth Taylor. I just need a big sparkly brooch or something to bejewel the front. I'll be on the hunt for something at the thrift store this week, and hope to have it done soon, but here's the preliminary results...