Thursday, December 2, 2010

Please excuse my technical difficulties

While on our Thanksgiving holiday, we had a few mishaps...well, actually we had a whole bunch of mini disasters. It started with germs from around the world that were living in the family members who had gathered to share some happy celebrations together.

The little ones were full of sniffles and coughs, and there was an icepick style headache in at least one adult. Still, we were determined to have a stinking happy family celebration. A few days before, out of the blue, my Boy Child threw up. The next day, he was better so we assumed it was something he ate. So, we went on with our big day before Thanksgiving dinner plans- or what I referred to as "Round 1." A turkey was stuffed and roasted, yams were smothered in sugar, pies were bought, and in the midst of all the cooking and preparations, my sister threw her back out. The poor thing had her shoulder hiked up to her ear, and was hunched over, walking around like a 90 year old. She tried to retire to the other room, but we drug out her out, propped her on the couch, and forced her to participate in our fun. I think she was glad for the least at first.

Sometime late in the night though, after everyone had gone to bed, whatever sickness had my Boy Child so ill the day before attacked her with a vengeance. I am guessing that vomiting when your back is tweaked must be a doubly miserable experience. I wondered if her pain medication made her sick, until in the wee hours of the morning, my Girl Child got sick too. That's when we knew we would be cancelling Round 2 of Thanksgiving which was to involve a whole bunch more family. We weren't going to be those horrible relatives that show up and infect them with our plague- especially since a pregnant mama with triplets brewing was going to be there.

For the dear relatives who were hosting us at the beach condo, it was too late to avoid bringing them our illness though. We were already there, camped out in beds all over the living room with buckets near by just in case. At one point, I had to steal the bucket from my Boy Child for my own emergency event. I was 700 miles from home, without even a car- it wasn't like I could just load the kids back on the train with a barf bag.

So, we had to wait it out. The sickness rotated through my kids, knowcking each one down for a day or two before moving on to the next. It really put a damper on excursions or more visits. I had brought my laptop along to get some work and writing done, but by day two, the battery charger had decided it no longer was going to charge. I promptly ran out of power, and between being there for sick kids and stores being closed for a day, I was just out of luck as far as using my computer. So, I fell behind on work, a college project, and my poor neglected blog.

Luckily, we were right on the beach, so whenever someone wasn't nauseaus, or was between chills and fevers, we'd walk along the beach and lay on the sand. On one of these relaxing lounge times, Girl Child somehow managed to knock my camera face down into a pile of sand which covered the lens completely. First, it wouldn't open. I am pretty sure my head spun around and flames shot out my flared nostrils while my scolding voice sounded like Voldemort. Luckily for Girl Child, the camera lens cover did finally open, and it took pictures again, but now, it won't close. It looks like a sleepy eyed thing winking at me, but at least it takes photos. Of course, I haven't been able to upload any to my laptop because it's still dead while I wait for my new power cord to arrive. I am typing this late at night on the family desktop that I rarely, rarely ever use. It's amazing how much I miss the ability to work in the coziness of my own bed.

In any case, we are finally home. I guess if a vacation has to include include vomiting, at least we had beautiful views and good company, but generally, I'd rather skip the illness altogether- or at least experience it in the comfort of my own home. Hopefully, I'll be back up and running soon, with photos and stories to tell and my trusty little laptop to whip them out on. Until then, enjoy the season....