Friday, July 22, 2011

Just Doing It

Lately, I keep hearing the old Nike commercials, "Just do it" running through my head. Remember those? When that slogan was flying around and on t-shirts everywhere, I frankly did not get it. "Just do what? And why?" is what I usually thought.

Now, I get it, and I am totally feeling it on a daily basis. It's not like I'm running marathons or performing any amazing athletic feats, but I have been seeing a real difference when I just decide what has to be done, stop thinking about it, and start getting busy doing something about it.

It's not just about exercise, although I have been more active. It's about life and the fact that time is going to pass whether you are sitting around on your butt or actually doing things you love.

I've been reading a ton since I practically quit my job and have so much more time and energy, and a recurring theme that successful people mention is action. Thinking about goals and making lists is nice, but taking action is what gets things done.

So, I want to write. I'm just doing it. I'm clicking away on a daily basis and for a few weeks anyway, I've been sending something out into the paid writing world weekly. As you can imagine, I have not struck it rich in my couple of weeks at it, but I'm getting some responses, and I'm feeling very productive. I'm feeling like maybe I'm a writer.

I also want more music in my life, and I want to play it. I'm trying to just do it. We have guitars and keyboards here, there are a bazillion free lessons on YouTube, so there's really no excuse. If I want to play, I just need to do it. I am well aware that I am not a musical prodigy. In fact, I have a rather painful memory of my college roommates referring to me as "tone deaf." But you know what? I like playing with instruments, and who cares if I will never be a pro? I want to play because I like to play, and I can do that for myself. I no longer live with those roommates, so they don't have to suffer my practice, and my family is generally more accepting of beginning musicians (more so if they are in the other room.) Besides, they are beginners and practice a lot too.

Then there's art. I love creating things, but for a while, it just fell to the back burner. I am a pretty crafty homeschooling mom and have always been into the hands on projects with my kids, but now, I'm also wanting to make sure I make art because I want to, not just squeezing it in as a lesson for my kids. Actually, I think just doing it and creating because it is fun is probably the best lesson I could give them. 

I'm also wanting to be stronger and healthier, physically that is. I feel blessed that I've never had a weight problem, especially considering the horrible processed food products I grew up eating, but skinny isn't the same as strong. I reformed my eating habits long ago when I was growing babies, and while I've always walked my dogs and liked hiking, I never really "exercised." Sweating has been something that I have avoided if at all possible. Well, as you can guess, wishing for muscles doesn't make them happen. Visualizing probably helps, but unless it's accompanied by some action, there isn't likely to be any magical muscle transformation.So, I'm doing it. I started with yoga and then pilates, and an occasional dance class, and it feels great. Well, not while I'm doing it- all that core work in pilates makes my eyes loll about in my head and causes me pain in muscles I never knew existed, but later...later I feel great- more energy, better mood and all.

I want to cook. I want to see the world. I want to speak Spanish. I want so many things. And if I am the one that wants these things, I am the one that needs to go for them. For the first time in my life, instead of just thinking about the things I want to do, I am just doing them.

Just doing it actually feels great. It's all baby steps, no book contracts, art shows, concerts, or marathons just yet, but it's at least steps in the right direction.