Thursday, February 4, 2010

Following Their Own Path

I recently had the pleasure of writing an article for North State Parent Magazine on long term homeschooling families. My own kids have never been to school, and I certainly don't feel like a newbie at the homeschooling scene, but the folks I interviewed are pros- the homeschooling veterans. They've been on this path a lot longer than me, and have seen the process work as their children grew into successful and happy young adults who headed off to college and into the world. I found it interesting to learn how these other families went about Following Their Own Path.

These ladies had so much great stuff to say, I could have written a series of articles much longer than this one if there had been the space in the publication. I love when I get to interview people that I would be glad to chat with over a cup of tea anyway. I also found a lot of inspiration in their words of wisdom and experience.
My own family is very happy with our homeschooling lifestyle, and it's refreshing to hear from other families who have dealt with all the questions and things that come up over the long haul, and to see first hand the results. (Yes, the kids can grow up normal. Yes, they can get into college, etc. etc.) When you go against the grain of what most of your culture is doing, it's nice to see that you're not the only one, and that what you're doing has, in fact, worked before. Plus, it's good info for skeptical relatives.
I hope you'll check it out, and that you enjoy reading about these families as much a I enjoyed writing about them. 


  1. Great article. I especially like the fact that homeschoolers are finding it easier to get into college. A lot of people I talk to ask how families will handle that when the time comes.

  2. Thanks Rana- I'm so glad that these folks have already paved the path for so many areas of homeschooling. It sure makes it easier for my generation. I've heard some colleges are even actively recruiting homeschoolers now.

  3. Prospective homeschooler here.. My children aren't even school age yet, but I am seriously considering homeschool. I'm sold on all the pros for them, but as an artist I am concerned that it will be too demanding and I'll never paint again. Maybe that is selfish, but there it is. Do you have suggestions for finding time for your own creative endeavors?

  4. I like including my kids in my creative endeavors. Since they were very young, I would get out enough art supplies for all of us, and just start painting, sculpting, whatever. When they see me doing something that looks fun, they usually want to join in. For us, that works better than me trying to do a lesson, and I feel like they give me a good excuse to spend a ton of time making things for fun- I'm teaching the kids art ;-) I let them use real watercolors, brushes, digital camera etc. not just the cheap kids stuff, and everyone knows to respect the materials and each others art. I also love getting to use materials most adults don't have the occasion to play with shrinky dinks and fimo. Some art forms are not conducive to kids like metal sculpting, but a lot are fun to do together. Writing is the creative outlet I don't do well with kids (or anyone) around, so for that I skip sleep and write odd hours in the night. Good luck!

  5. It is exciting, as my homeschool children leave home, how many doors are opening to share with younger moms words of encouragement. They are able to see that homeschooling really does work. However, the "skeptical" relatives still refuse to attribute my children's success to homeschooling. Kind of sad.

  6. Karen- I know it really is helpful for younger moms to hear those words of encouragement- I'm so glad folks like you are out there. Unfortunately, some people (and some relatives) can never give credit where credit is due. They're happy to blame things on homeschooling, but never give it any credit. Well, at least you know what a difference homeschooling has made to your family.


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